Sunday, February 5, 2012

Superbowl Party

Our annual Superbowl party kicks off in a little over an hour! What am I making for this shindig? A couple of good old reliable standbys! DIPS!!! (and dessert)!

I'm making my black bean salsa and guacamole...who needs anything else?

We're also having hot fudge sundaes with all the fixings! Yum!!

I ran 17 miles yesterday (my most to date) and burned 3,500 calories just during the run (my whole day amounted to well over 5,000 calories burned), so I might indulge (within reason) a bit today, however, running that 17 miles helped me remember that getting these last 35-40 lbs off my body will only help me on these long runs and will make my recovery a bit better.

Hope you enjoy the day! It's in the 50s, sunny and gorgeous here!

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