Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Next Iron Chef - Super Chefs

Is anybody watching the newest season of the Next Iron Chef? I'm about to show my Food Network-geek side, but OH MY GOSH! This season is CRAZY! All these wonderful chefs! I gotta break it down...

Anne Burrell
Crazy blonde hair

Former sous chef for THE Mario Batali on Iron Chef America where she wooed her way into America's heart with her funny outfits, crazy hair, and MAD pasta making skills!

Has a show on the Food Network called "Secrets of a Restaurant Chef." I can't stand the show because her personality is so abrasive all at once, that it turns me off! But I still think this woman is an amazing cook, and she can give the rest of these chefs a run for their money!

Michael Chiarello
Italian super chef (second only to Mario Batali in my book)

Host of Easy Entertaining on the Food Network, a show I've recorded and watched for years! I've done NUMEROUS Michael Chiarello recipes and they are all fabulous!

Grew up on a farm. Owns a vineyard in Napa and grows practically everything he eats.

One heck of a cook, but CANNOT take criticism at all! If you don't think his food is perfect, you must be an idiot! He first displayed this arrogance on Top Chef Masters when he came in second to Mexican Cuisine genius Rick Bayless. He can be a jerk in the kitchen (I would not want to be a sous chef on his bad side), but I would eat ANYTHING this man cooks. Period.

Elizabeth Falkner
Pastry Queen

This woman is one of the most creative, wacky, innovative pastry chefs out there. Her store/restaurant Citizen Cake has been highlighted on more shows than I can count. But this woman is not all pastry. She can cook savory with the best of them. She is cool, calm and collected.

Alex Guarnaschelli
Short, opinionated and LOVES to talk

Frequent judge on Chopped, host of Alex's Day Off on Food Network and long a favorite of mine. The way this woman describes food, the way it tastes, the way it feels on the mouth, the way it goes down on the palette, the way it smells, looks, feels makes you want to eat non-stop!

She's been a little nervous and stressed so far this season, but if she can rein it in, she's got a really good chance of being the 2nd female Iron Chef. She's got some amazing cooking chops.

Chuck Hughes
Canadian, Iron Chef Contender (beat Bobby Flay)

I don't know a whole lot about Chuck except when I saw him kill Bobby Flay on Iron Chef America. He's adorable, moves around the kitchen like a banshee, and brings some serious sophistication to his rustic-y approach to cooking.

Robert Irvine
British Dinner/Restaurant Impossible chef with enormous biceps

Robert has cooked in the Artic, in the jungle, in a ship's tiny kitchen, and pretty much anywhere else you can think of. He's innovative, sharp and witty! He knows food. He's a tough contender. I'm shocked to see him go so early.

Beau MacMillan
Larger than life chef

Cheers everyone else on. Light-hearted, big bear of a chef. Co-hosted Worst Chefs in America with Anne Burrell, and I learned to like him then. His food has depth, complexity and a soft touch. He packs a punch with flavor and is fun to watch in the kitchen.

Spike Mendelsohn
Crazy looking dude with spiky hair - looks about 20 years younger than everyone else

Really? Spike? From Top Chef?

Didn't like him on Top Chef. Didn't like him here. Out of all the chefs here, he's the only one I questioned. Big shocker - he was out on episode one. He thinks he's much better than everyone else seems to think.

Marcus Samuelsson
Scandinavian Chef extraordinaire!

Born in Africa. Adopted by Swedish family. Raised in Sweden. Became one of the world's top Scandinavian cuisine chefs - moved to the US and has consistently wowed people with his cooking.

Frequently a judge on Chopped.

His food just always looks amazing and though he looks frazzled in the kitchen, this dude knows how to deliver. Look for him near the end.

Geoffrey Zakarian
Older looking, distinguished, white-haired chef with glasses (my prediction to win the whole dang thing)

One AMAZING chef

One INTIMIDATING chef. Out of all the chefs out there, he's the dude I'd be terrified of going up against. This man has such a refined palette, and he wants his food to be just-so before he's willing to serve it - perfection is his standard and he almost always hits it.

Frequent judge on Chopped.

Watch out folks - I think he's our next Iron Chef.


  1. We have each picked a favorite chef in our house and if your pick goes all the way, the other three have to create an "Iron Chef" dream dinner for the winner. I've chosen Anne Burrell...gotta love the hair and the food!

  2. What a fabulous idea!! Nathan watches with me, and Andy occasionally shouts down a comment. But I love the idea of having an Iron Chef dream dinner for the winner. Keep me posted as to who wins! I'd love to know who each of you has chosen, other than Anne! :)

  3. Maile had picked Chef Irvine and has understandably lost some zest for the show. Alia went with Chef Samuelsson and Rob went with Chef MacMillan. I'll keep you posted!