Thursday, September 22, 2011

80 lbs down...

I've hit another great milestone - I'm 80 lbs down from when I started losing weight in January 2010! It's been slower than I wanted, but right now, things are moving along well, thanks in part to two things.

1. Andy found an app for our iphones called Lose It! It's basically an online app that lets you log your calories and exercise as you go throughout the day. I've been logging it in a spreadsheet, but this app on my phone allows me to see at any time of the day, how many calories I've consumed and how many I have left in the day. It's been a great tool and I've consistently lost 2+ lbs every week since I've started using it.

2. Andy has totally gotten on board with losing weight and eating healthier. This is so amazing for me, because for a year, I was completely on my own in my house (my wonderful friend Brita has always been a great companion in my weight loss), and it was hard when Andy and the boys were eating bacon cheeseburgers, and I was trying to eat a little healthier. In fact, Andy has lost 40 lbs and looks AMAZING! He looks better than when we got married, if that's even possible. Besides looking good, he feels wonderful and healthy. He doesn't snore as much (doesn't even use his CPAP machine anymore), he just finished his 2nd 1/2 marathon, he wants to cook delicious dishes in a healthier way, and he's super encouraging (he's always been that) when I meet a goal.

So, I'm more than 1/2 way to my goal, but I still have about 74 lbs to go to get to a weight range that my doctor and I discussed for my height and build. I'm down two more pant sizes and NONE of my rings fit, so I'm wearing a ring I got in high school for my wedding ring right now. No sense in sizing down when it's probably going to get smaller again.

The wonderful thing is that we still enjoy FABULOUS food! We just do it more sensibly than before, and when we can, we use healthier ingredients. And our boys are picking up on eating better and exercising regularly.

Goals for the coming year, exercise-wise...

Run 1-2 half marathons
Train for the Big Sur Full Marathon for April 2013, where I will be running the full thing with my big sis, Kirsta
Start training for triathalons (biking, swimming, continued running)

I hope to tell you by the end of the year that I've reached the 100 lb's an aggressive goal, but one I think I can accomplish if I stay on target.

P.S. The newest season of the Biggest Loser has started (HOORAY!!!), finally! I'm not crazy about Anna Kournikova, but she seems to be doing okay (let's just not talk about her being a top 10 tennis player - she never had the discipline to really stick out up at the top and most of her success came on the doubles' court...but that's another story). I'm ALWAYS inspired by the show, so it's a bonus for me to have it be back on the air as I'm working through a particularly good season of weight loss right now.

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