Friday, February 18, 2011

Sticker shock

Okay, it's totally wrong when you go to the grocery store for cat litter, toilet paper, bananas, two small (less than 2 oz.) Glade refills, 2 containers of coffee creamer and 18 eggs and you pay over $40.00!! People - that's INSANE!!!

So, it's time to start buckling down - exploring stores I wouldn't normally visit like...gasp...Winco and finally trying out the Discount Grocery Store 2 blocks from where I work. No more little side trips, no more going without coupons...I'm doing war on grocery prices.

I will say that we majorly scored last week when we hit the Albertsons in our neighborhood that is going out of business and has prices slashed by up to 75 percent. We made sure they hadn't jacked prices up to slash them and then proceeded to buy $350 worth of groceries for under $150. I don't want stores going out of business left and right, but I was happy by this one, and this was worth the stop and I'll be keeping my eyes open for anything else that brings those prices down, down, down.

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