Saturday, October 30, 2010

Recovering from oral surgery

Well, I might be a little in and out over the next couple of weeks. I'm recovering from oral surgery - a gum graft - and can only eat soft foods and liquids for the next four weeks. Tragic, I know. So, I will be posting recipes here and there, but they won't have pictures because I won't be actually cooking them right now - sad when you can cook but can't eat what you cook!

Let me know if you're looking for anything in particular, i.e., chicken, meat, dessert, potato, etc... and I will post some killer recipes from those categories - all tested, of course!!


  1. Ouch! Why did you need that? Did you brush too hard when you were a kid and now your gums have receded too far? That is my guess.

  2. No, dear dentist. I am not an aggressive brusher, so says my periodontist. It is hereditary - a gift from our father.

  3. Huh, my dentist when I was young used to yell at me for brushing too hard and all this time it was dad's fault! Man!