Sunday, February 23, 2014

Chocolate Cherry Coconut Green Smoothie

Andy and I did 30 days of green smoothies in January to try out some different smoothie recipes and to consistently get greens in our diet every day. We are pretty good about having a lot of greens on a regular basis, but we do miss some days. By adding a smoothie, which we usually used as a recovery tool after a workout, or as a snack in the afternoon, we ensured at least 1 cup of greens (each) in our diet daily, not to mention the other good things in these smoothies. We used, which I would highly recommend if you're looking for AMAZING green smoothie recipes. Today, I made my own version of a green smoothie, and it's so delicious, I had to share. If you are doubtful at all about green smoothies, try this's so good!!! This makes two smoothies.

Chocolate Cherry Coconut Green Smoothie
2 cups spinach
2 cups coconut water
1 banana
2 tbs unsweetened coconut
2 tbs unsweetened cocoa powder
2 cups organic cherries (frozen)

1. In the blender, add the spinach and coconut water. Blend for 2 minutes.

2. Add the remaining ingredients (you can add protein powder, like we do after a workout) and blend for two more minutes.

3. Enjoy.

1. Always blend your greens and liquid first before adding the fruit. Blend for at least two minutes.
2. Use some frozen fruit (in this case, either the banana or the cherries, or both!) to eliminate the need for ice. This makes the smoothie viscous and smooth.
3. Mix it up! If you don't like cherries, try mangoes or pineapple. Yum!

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