Monday, March 26, 2012

2012 St. Patrick's Day

This year's menu saw some successes and some failures! Oh no! But that's okay - it was a fun day for us in the Larsen household, with the Irish music blaring, the Irish movies playing late into the evening, and the color green abounding in our house (yes, we have Republican/Fenian sentiments here).

So, here was my menu for the day:

Bacon (not Irish bacon, I'm afraid - I can't stand it - soft and fatty)
Brown Soda Breakfast Scones

Leek and Bacon Tart
Baked courgettes (zucchini) with farmhouse cheese

Dingle pies
Vanilla fudge

Here's what went well...breakfast was a hit...brown soda scones were yum (not as good as regular soda bread, but good), and who can go wrong with bacon and eggs. Lunch was the smash hit of the day. The Leek and Bacon tart was TO DIE FOR and the baked courgettes were delicious. Dinner was a bit of a disaster. I made the dough for the handheld pies and it was too much for the food processor. I ended up having to throw it out (heartbreaking - 5 cups of flour down the tube, not to mention the butter), make a different dough version and then make two larger pies, rather than six handheld pies. They turned out well, but because I was frustrated by the point I got the second dough going, I was sloppy with wrapping it around the meat and veggie filling. This caused the dough to be too heavy in some parts, and not heavy enough in others. The vanilla fudge did NOT set up, and it too, went by the wayside. Sigh. But, that's okay. My heart was in it, but the execution was off. I'm determined to try the Dingle Pies again someday and do it the right way.

I will post the Leek and Bacon Tart and the Baked Courgette recipes, but the rest, I'll tuck away until I am more successful with them, unless of course, someone is interested. If you are, post a comment, and I will post the recipe for you.

Brown soda scones

Brown soda scones

Dingle pie

Dingle pie

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