Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Goals

My beloved pens and I sat down this morning to plot out my goals for 2012. These aren't resolutions - I'm not much of a resolution gal - but they are goals I'm working toward. I've found that if I write them down, and if I really think about realistic, but stretchy-type goals, I tend to accomplish them, rather than just wishing I had. Case in point...when I decided two years ago to really get myself into shape, I sat down, and wrote out what I wanted to accomplish. I started with how much weight I wanted to lose, broke it into small chunks and assigned time lines, and then started thinking about the ways I would get there. What kinds of exercise would I do? When would I do it? How would I do it? How would I progress? And so on. This seems to have worked since I'm at 99 lbs lost (weighing tomorrow and hoping to have hit my 100 lb mark)! So, this year, as I said before, I wanted to break my goals into categories. This helps my brain to be a bit more organized. I can look at a particular category and focus on one or two items at a time. I'm excited about these goals because I think they are ALL doable. My goals for 2011 were varied and fun, but I didn't meet nearly as many as I would've liked! (I didn't read all of Agatha Christies' books, but I made a sizable dent in them!)

So, without further ado, my goals for 2012.

- Dig more into the Bible in my devotionals - really studying to know God better
- Log more frequently what God is teaching me and review it often
- Pick five good NON-FICTION Christian books to read and learn from
- Eucharisteo in ALL things (if you're interested in this one, read One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp to learn more)

- Train and run full marathon on May 6, 2012
- Drop last 50 lbs - ideally before September
- Start learning Irish dancing

- Save for and buy Rosetta Stone software to learn IRISH - then learn the language
- Begin writing earnest (I've taken a substantial break as I've been pouting about the non-success of getting either of my completed novels published - NO MORE! I will keep writing and keep trying.)
- Read a gazillion more books!!! (gazillion - that's a technical term)

- Find a local cooking class and take it! Hopefully learn something new!
- Make 5 new recipes I'm scared of making - or use 5 new techniques I'm not familiar with - or a combination of both
- Can more items during the summer (I LOVE canning!!)

- Go zip lining!!!!! (This is my celebration present to myself for losing 100 lbs!)
- Take a spin class
- Obtain a hammered duclimer and learn to play it (this has been a LONG-TIME goal of mine...this year, it will be mine!)
- Learn to crochet and make a blanket!
- Start playing guitar again.

- Be more patient with my kids
- SLOW DOWN and enjoy God's creation
- Find new ways to show Andy and the boys my love - extend this to ALL family and friends

So, that's it! These goals make me sooooo excited to tackle 2012!!! I love having something or many things to work toward. I hope you are making goals, if you're a goal-oriented kind of person, and that they too, bring you excitement and joy! CARPE DIEM - or as my mother would say, "GO GET EM!"

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