Sunday, December 18, 2011


My prediction came true when Chef Geoffrey Zakarian was crowned the Next Iron Chef tonight. Faulkner brought her "A" game tonight, really wowing the judges with her diversity and innovation, but folks, it comes down to taste, precision and in Zakarian's case, GENIUS, to get the win. And he brought it. Every dish he presented was perfection on a plate. And while I would've gobbled Faulkner's Beef Wellington whole, I wasn't impressed by the chemical/molecular gastronomy stuff she put on the plate. I'm not a gelee fan (or a foam fan - are you listening Top Chef contestants?), and I thought her peppermint snow sounded gross, but there's no denying she's got some amazing cooking chops. She is on the younger side (compared to Zakarian), and she will no doubt continue with a fabulous career.

I also want to give a call out to my girl, Alex, who was hand-selected by both Zakarian and Faulkner as the sous chef of choice for the challenge. I just adore Alex. She was my heart-filled pick for the crown, even though I knew Zakarian would take it. She cooks with such heart and passion.

What a great season. I was never disappointed! I hope you enjoyed it as well, even if your pick didn't win.


  1. Sorry Crying in Colorado, but it was meant to be. Zakarian is the man!