Friday, October 28, 2011

Sick...for the week and the Netipot

I have been sick this entire week - missed three days of work (one, working from home), and I just can't seem to knock this sinus thing out of my system.

One little note for those of you who might be fighting the cold-sinus thing this season...if you don't know what a Netipot is or have never used one, quick, go to Walgreens or Rite Aid and pick one up. This is really the most disgusting concept I've ever heard, but this things works so well. It basically clears your sinus passages naturally, and the stuff that comes out when you're done is just GROSS!!
But anyhow, it really does work well.

Needless to say, I haven't been cooking much, and torture of all tortures, I haven't worked out in 3 days. That's just painful. I know that sounds silly, but I've been working out 5-6 days a week for the last almost 2 years, so when I have to take this many days off in a row, it's so difficult for me, especially when I'm training for a marathon. I passed three different sets of runners on the road yesterday, and I totally wanted to jump out and join them! I know...I'm sick...really.

But tomorrow is a 5-mile run, so I gotta be better enough to get out there and get it done. It probably won't be pretty though, since I've only run once this week, but it must be done! I'm actually looking forward to it. Hopefully, we'll have enough reprieve from the rain to get a dry run in! We'll see.

I hope to do some cooking this weekend...we'll see!


  1. The neti pot was my salvation during my pregnancy when I couldn't take anything! I hope you feel better soon!!