Friday, February 25, 2011

3 More Down...

Last week I worked my tail off eating within my calorie range and burning at least 1,000 more calories a day than I ate...but I only lost .8 lbs.


The previous week I'd lost 2 inches on my waist and 2 inches on my hips and then...


I was frustrated to say the least. I believe my post on Facebook merely said, "BOO!" To which my sweet friend Becca asked me why I was booing, but I was too busy wallowing in self-pity to answer back. :( Sorry!!

The old me would have given up, started eating tons of food and stopped working out. But the new me said, "FORGET IT!" So, I did...kinda. I worked extra hard this week, continued to eat in my calorie range (1600-1800 a day), worked out and did my C25K training runs (which is good, since I have a 5K tomorrow), and lo and behold...this morning when I stepped on the scale, I'd lost 3 lbs!!!!

Yea, new me!

See that, old me? I hope you learned something!!!

Because I'm running tomorrow (in the snow...yes, we still have snow on the ground), I fueled up properly tonight with a high carb meal: whole wheat thin spaghetti, garlic-infused olive oil, some crumbled, crisp bacon, peas and a little Parmesan cheese. Can you say YUM??? Micah and Nathan ate and ate and complaining tonight, especially when they saw the BACON in the PASTA! I mean, what kid doesn't like that???

Tomorrow morning, whole wheat 7 grain toast with jam and a banana!! Snow, rain, coldness and my nemesis RUNNING - HERE I COME!!!

Want to be inspired? Check out Rosie Rose Coates' website: The Sporty Diva.

The 10K I'm running May is hosted by Rosie and all the proceeds go to help women in the Congo! How cool!!!

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