Saturday, January 1, 2011

Writing Contest...still waiting

As I mentioned in Sept./Oct., I submitted my Christian fiction novel, Ace, to the Christian Writer's Guild Operation First Novel contest. Originally, they thought they would announce semi-finalists (20 of them) in November and finalists (5 of them) in December, but they had over 140 entrants and apparently, they are quite good this year, so the judges are having a hard time getting through them all and deciding. As a result, they have not announced the semifinalists or the finalists! I'm dying to find out, as I am sure the other 140 contestants are as well. Waiting stinks. I'm hoping they will make an announcement this week. If I am fortunate enough to be named a finalist, I have to pack my bags, book some airfare and hightail my tail down to Denver in early February for the conference where they will announce the winner. I'm trying to be patient...I can hear Andy laughing now. It is something I constantly work on and pray that God will develop in me (hey, maybe that's why...oh boy!).

Anyway, I will keep you all posted, win or lose or not even qualifying. If I don't qualify, I will get busy trying to query agents to publish on my own. I think it's good enough for publication, but you just never know. On the other writing front, I've decided to take my first novel based on the poem, "The Highwayman", and re-write it as a screenplay! Problem is, I've never written a screenplay before, so I just ordered a great book that is supposed to help me out! Here's hoping!!!

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