Saturday, January 8, 2011

Electric Griddle

Growing up, we always had an electric griddle in the house. We used it for bacon, eggs, French toast, pancakes, grilled cheese and a million other applications. I just assumed everyone used electric griddles, but I was shocked to discover that most of the friends, in-laws and neighbors I've visited didn't own one. I don't think I could function without one. Cooking pancakes in a pan one or two at a time or making six at a time on my griddle seems like a no-brainer to me.

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that my current griddle, that I've owned since I got married 13 years ago, was on its last leg. Like I said, we use it A LOT, so it was scratched up and was losing its non-stick finish, kind of an essential ingredient in an electric griddle. I longingly put a new one on my Amazon wish list (home to absolutely every item I want, including all my kitchen wishes) and hoped someone might pick it to send me for Christmas.

My wonderful sister and previous guest blogger, Kendis, answered my silent prayer and got me a new griddle for Christmas!! It is the exact one in the picture above! It's gorgeous, has a large drip pan (for fat or spills) and it was put to use first thing on Christmas Day morning!! Thank you Kendis for my new griddle and those of you out there who have never used one, but have considered it, trust me on this is well worth the money and they really do last you quite a long time, as well as saving you some serious cooking time!


  1. You are most welcome sister, but can we not see a pictture of something being cooked on the actual griddle? I would imagine you have a smashing recipe for homemade pancakes somewhere????

  2. Of course - when I use it again (which I am sure will be this weekend), I will snap a pic along with a great recipe (and yes, homemade pancakes...yum!!) and post just for you!!!