Thursday, September 16, 2010

Survivor RETURNS!!

Well, even though CBS tried the old switcheroo on me, moving Survivor from Thursdays to Wednesdays, I still made the premier last night. It was okay...could've been a little more action packed, in my opinion, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. However, I have to say...when did 40 become old? Old vs. young is the theme and if you're over 40, you're on the old tribe. I find that funny, since most of the creators of the show, and the host (for Pete Hughes' sake), are all over 40, but I don't think any of them would characterize themselves as old. Oh well...I'm heading upward on that hill - funny to think I'll be "old" in 7 years.

Anyway, the show introduced the new "medallion of power" which I thought the older tribe should've used to knock the younger folks down a notch by winning the challenge, but poor Wendy Jo was voted off instead when the older tribe couldn't finish their puzzle in time (side note: what's with all the puzzle challenges in the last couple of seasons...a couple of puzzles is one thing, but like every challenge?). Jimmy J proved his coach-ness by giving a pep talk to his team and making them believe he can't win...are you kidding, Jimmy J? I'd give him the million bucks if he made it to the end...he's amazing and I don't even like football.

Anyway, looking forward to a good season and seeing some of those cocky youngsters go down in flames...especially the guy (can't even remember his name) who made the comment about how men get owned in marriage and before you know it, we'll have a woman president...yikes. He's first on my list.


  1. Ah, Pete Hughes, where are you now? My long lost Chemistry crush...