Saturday, September 18, 2010

Do the Puyallup! Fair that is...

We did the Puyallup Fair this morning, along with the rest of Western Washington. It was fine until around 1 p.m. when everyone else got the same idea. I was glad we got there early when parking was still $12 because by the time we walked out, it was $20 for our exact spot! Can't believe we used to live so close - that seems like ages ago.

Anyway, pardon the quality of these pictures...they are from my phone and I'm just learning how to use the camera on the phone and well, my hand is a bit shaky. But you get the picture...




The Grand Champion in fruit/veggies, natural products display - it was GORGEOUS!!!

Look at me...I'm a bee!!

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  1. Hilarious pictures sister golden hair divine. Faith got a kick out of them as well. We are so excited to see you in November! Faith is now singing and swaying her hips to, "Look at me, I'm a bee." :)