Monday, September 13, 2010

French Onion Soup

Ok, so Fall is my very FAVORITE season...and though we aren't quite in Fall just yet, technically, the weather doesn't seem to notice up here (not that I'm complaining - I just love rain and overcast skies, cool, crisp breezes and changing leaves). Many of my favorite things come out in the Fall including, sweaters, coats, hot chocolate, egg nog lattes (that's a Fall/Winter thing up here), cool breezes, colorful trees, pumpkins, back to school and soup!!! I'm a soup lover - love to make them, love to eat them. So, I thought I'd begin the inaugural soup season with a classic...French Onion Soup. And why not? This was my favorite soup growing mother would make it in the crock pot and the whole house smelled like sweet, savory oniony goodness.

**Sidebar: Andy recently got a new job (LOVES IT!) and he was able to spend part of his day on Friday working on a farm (Mother Earth Farm in Sumner), picking beans and helping them bring in the harvest. How cool is that? As he was leaving, he saw a few folks taking an onion or two with them. He asked the proprietor if he could take one for me and she said, of course! He brought home the biggest purple/red onion I have ever seen! He accidentally cut it before I could snap a picture, but this thing was close to the size of a volleyball! So, even though I normally only do my French Onion Soup with sweet onions (Vidalias or Walla Walla Sweets), I made the exception and used this big red beauty!

French Onion Soup

5-6 onions, sliced (I use a mandolin - don't cut your fingers off - use the hand guard)
3/4 cup butter
6 cups hot water
3 tbs. beef bouillon
1.5 tsp Worcestershire sauce (you know me...I used 2 tbs)
Shredded Mozzarella cheese
French bread (optional)

1. Brown the butter and onions in a skillet.

Look at those gorgeous onions!!

2. Once browned, put in the crock pot.


3. Meanwhile, mix the hot water, bouillon and Worcestershire sauce and add to the pot.

4. Put the lid on and cook for 6-8 hours on low or 3-4 on high.

5. When it's ready, ladle out into bowls, add as much cheese as you like. Serve with French bread on the side.

It was soothing, yummy and warmed you right up inside.


  1. While I love our mother's french onion soup, you have got to try Barefoot Contessa's recipe...tons more alcohol in it, but the flavor is unbelievable!

  2. I love Mom's brocoli soup. I make it every fall/winter and buy fresh sourdough bread to dip in it. YUM! I love french onion soup as well. Delish.