Friday, August 6, 2010

No more Brad...sniff, sniff

I know I'm a bit late on this one, but I had to post about Sunday's episode of The Next Food Network Star. I think they got it all wrong by eliminating Brad and leaving Aria to flounder and eventually be eliminated anyway. Don't get me wrong, I still like Aria, but she's pretty much one note and I'd be annoyed watching her show b/c she's just a little too chipper. Rachel Ray is chipper, but it's natural, you know? Aria seems like she has to really make an effort to be chipper and it comes across unnatural. I won't even discuss her cooking - it doesn't help her much.

Brad came late to the game. It took him until this episode to find his Point of View, but when he came up with it, it was actually good! A little more practice with the camera and his natural charm will come shining through. His cooking looks amazing, though he doesn't really get the concept of staying to a time limit (he always waits until the last minute), and I think I would like watching his show! So, farewell to Brad. Susie looked torn up sending him home. I think she got overruled by Bobby and Tom because I get the vibe she doesn't really care for Aria much.

That leaves only Artie for me to cheer on. I really like Tom, but he's just so inconsistent; however, that tuna dish and his story was awesome! I was so glad he got the win. Herb seems like a good guy and I like his Cuban POV, but I don't think he can go much farther. My guess? Aria will go next. Herb will follow shortly thereafter. (Actually, it could go either way - Herb first and Aria next, but I'd like to see Aria go home next.) It will be down to Tom and Artie and Artie will take the cake, because who wouldn't like watching her and her cute little accent and her very interesting Indian-themed dishes? Food Network has not tapped into Indian cooking before and this could really open up a whole other world of cooking for we home-cooks looking to spice up our food lives!

Go Artie!!

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