Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy Anniversary to me!!

Today is Andy and my 13th anniversary!! My post on Facebook says it all: "14 years ago, I met him. 13 years ago, I married him. Nine moves, two children, hundreds of Scrabble games, thousands of hours of laughter, growing up together, looking forward to growing old together, marveling in the adventure of marriage...13 years never looked so good."

We celebrated by going to a new sushi restaurant out here called Sushi Island where the food goes by you on a conveyor belt. So cool! We had a nice, relaxing and different meal! Can't wait for the next 13 years!!


  1. Okay, so like you guys have the same smile.

  2. First time I've heard that one! They say you start to look more alike to longer you've been married!!

  3. Apparently you're also supposed to look more like your dog as time goes on too. I think looking more like your husband is (usually) better.