Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Two more down...

What a joy to get on the scale this morning and see that my hard work is still paying off. I lost two more pounds! For someone who's had trouble over the last several years sticking to a more healthy lifestyle, I couldn't be more excited!! I've joined and have been doing her circuit workouts 4 days a week and a day of straight cardio on the 5th with Mondays and Fridays off. I've been faithfully logging my food intake (how annoying...but it's getting more natural) and tracking my calories burned on my body bugg, my faithful arm companion. Since I started trying to lose weight at the start of the year, I've lost a total of 37 pounds...keep it coming!

And BONUS! Andy had his hand on my stomach the other day while I was lying down. When I sat up, he said, "Wow - I can totally feel your ab muscles!" THERE IS HOPE FOR ME YET!!!

For anyone else who might struggle with snacking (a born right!!), I'll be posting some good snacks and their calories in the next post that help me have a good snack without too many calories.

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