Sunday, July 11, 2010

In honor of my mother

Yesterday's foray to the farmer's market produced two notable purchases that my mother would be proud of. When I was in high school, my mother and I would go down to the farmer's market every Saturday for fresh fruits and veggies and she would always ooh and ahh over the gorgeous flowers they sold. More than any other, she would just fawn over the sweet peas, those gorgeous, sweet-smelling simple flowers that light up a place! When I saw fresh-cut bouquets for $5, I knew I had to grab one. Additionally, we found a Trumpet Angel - the prettiest, oddest looking flower I've seen! After talking to the proprietor, we snagged us the snazziest one and it has found a new home in our front yard.

Here's to you, Mom! And yes, my children now mock me for saying hello to all the flowers and trees in bloom. What goes around, comes around!!!


  1. I too remember those days. Gotta love the mom!

  2. Be sure you protect the Angel's Trumpet from getting too cold, either by wintering it in your garage or protecting it with a pile of leaves or hay or something.