Friday, June 11, 2010

Squeeze bottles

If you make a lot of dressings, sauces, mayo, mustards, syrups (simple syrup), or anything else kind of liquid, go get $1.00 out of your piggy bank, hustle yourself over to Target and pick yourself up some squeeze bottles. Simple, plastic squeeze bottles that make storing and using your liquids sooooo much easier! I bought three for $.33 a piece and they are wonderful! I'm wondering why I waited so long to buy them! I've always got homemade honey mustard, balsamic vinaigrettes, special mustard blends, simple syrups and the like hanging around in my refrigerator in tupperware containers bigger than necessary, so I finally broke down and bought these! GENIUS! The almond sauce on my chicken satay? It went beautifully in a squeeze bottle and allowed the perfect amount of portion control! This one tool will help in so many different ways and it's very affordable.


  1. you are a genius! I would have never thought of's outside the box ;-) I am going to pick some up today.

  2. :) They are wonderful! Hope you love them!

  3. Rosanne, I doubt they are - they would probably say so wouldn't they? Is that the stuff in plastic they warn you about, especially when microwaving?