Saturday, January 16, 2010


Well, our poll is over and the overwhelming winner was the strawberry! It seems that many of you out there can't get enough of nature's ruby and with good cause. Few things compare with the strawberry's unique mix of sweet and tart and no other fruit (in my humble opinion) can be used quite as diversely as the strawberry. So in honor of our red friend, I've written a little poem.

“Fields of Green”

Through rows and rows of green and brown
Smelling earth and dirt.
With figures hunched and bending down,
One with red-stained shirt
And mouth alive with berry juice
Dripping down his chin.

Fingers plump with reddest fruit,
Warmed by sun-drenched skies,
He loads his bucket with the loot
Content to store his prize.
He’ll eat them in the morning,
For lunch and as a snack.
At dinnertime he’ll share them
With his baby brother Jack.

A summer day he loves the most
The air so sweet and clean
No mountain range or sea line coast
Can top these fields of green.

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