Wednesday, April 3, 2013

32 days until #2 marathon

It is officially 32 days until my second marathon! I'm excited, terrified and nervous. My training has been up and down and all around due to a number of issues. I had foot surgery in late December and was unable to fully run until late January. When I started running, I was doing great until I got knocked off my feet in early March with the nasty flu/cold bug going around. It took me down for over a week and getting back on my running feet took nearly 2.5 weeks. I ran 14 miles this last weekend and somehow before that run, I'd injured my left foot/ankle causing it not to hurt when I ran, but to swell up massively after my run and for several days after. Five x-rays later and the foot/ankle looks okay even though I'm still experiencing some swelling and minor pain.

I'm due to run 17 miles this weekend and 20 the following weekend. The last two weeks will be a nice taper down leading up to the race. Four weeks seems like a short amount of time, but it is really the hardest part of my training schedule. I'm praying that I can make it because the Tacoma City Marathon people changed the course this year and last year's uphill course is history. The new course is a net downhill course that includes running over the Narrows Bridge.

If my body can hold up, hopefully my mental game will hang tough as well. Hopefully in four weeks time, I'll be posting new marathon pictures! Wahoo!

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