Monday, October 1, 2012

Just a few bits...

To quote from a friend's blog..."life seems to be going about 100mph right now." That's a bit of an understatement. I am a total homebody. I love peace and quiet in pretty much all aspects of my life, or at least the ability to make it peaceful and quiet if the roar gets too loud. Right now, it seems like the year is running away with itself and I'm not quite sure how to get it back! I can't believe it's October! Craziness.

Couple of things that make me happy amidst the speedy bits of life:

1. The Avett Brothers new album The Carpenter - outstanding album...words can't do it justice

2. Eva Cassidy - if you haven't heard her, you're so missing out; buy any one of her albums...a soulful, unique twist on a lot of classic favorites...her voice soothes and moves me at the same time

3. Beethoven - enough said

1. My husband is getting ready to head to Chicago to run his first marathon - what a first! The Chicago Marathon - one of the biggest marathons in the world!!! He's going to do amazing.

2. My oldest son is taking private clarinet lessons to supplement his daily band practice at school and what a joy it is to hear him progressing on this instrument and enjoying it while he's at it!

3. My youngest son is attempting to get on an AAU basketball team for the year; he's hanging with kids who've been playing ball since they were old enough to pick one up and have more natural talent in their pinky fingers than most of us have all over, and he's loving it!

I'm surrounded with amazing friends; I'm continually flabbergasted that these people are in my life and so thankful for it. They are an eclectic mix of unique and wonderful qualities, characteristics and quirks and I'm so very BLESSED to call them friends, practically family!

In the midst of chaos and the business of life in general, I have a God that is always there, always present, always watching, loving and guiding. What a gift!

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