Monday, June 11, 2012

Sound to Narrows 12k

Saturday, Andy and I ran the Sound to Narrows 12k. For those of you who don't speak kilometers (and I didn't until I started running), that's 7.45 miles. This course was interesting because it actually was part of my marathon of the more difficult parts. Translation: it was hilly! But beautiful. I wasn't running for a time goal - I'd never run a 12k in a race before, so I didn't have any benchmarks to go against, but I wanted to go out, run well, have a good time and maintain a respectable (for me) pace. I finished in 1:22:29, which is just over an 11-minute a mile pace, which I'm pretty happy with considering the hills. Best of all, I was out getting exercise, which is greatly needed (see my previous post about peanut butter cookies), and hanging out with my husband who ran extremely well, especially considering he's coming off an injury. Our cheering section was our friend Dave who snapped the above pictures!

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