Thursday, April 5, 2012

NOTHING like a good stylist

So, my long-time stylist, Armani, has been on leave. Not a long one, but she wasn't the one who cut my pixie. I should've waited until she came back, I know this, but patience is a virtue that I'm constantly working on, but haven't quite obtained. So, another gal did my initial cut, and she didn't know my hair. She did a fine job, but an Armani she is not. So, I was thrilled to go see Armani today to see if she could maneuver and manage my hair into the Ginnifer Goodwin cut I was going for in the first place. And, I'm completely not surprised to know that she could and DID! I've been seeing Armani for over eight years, and she's amazing. She knows my hair backwards and forwards - she knows the natural wave, she knows that massive quantity of hair I have, even when it's short, she knows how fast it grows, and she knows my fickleness with one day growing my hair out, and the next day wanting to cut it all off. So, I'm very happy with my hair and thought I'd share a recent pic!

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