Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pixie all the way

I went ahead and made the leap and got my pixie cut this weekend! My regular stylist who has done my hair for the last eight years (give or take a year or so when I was laid off), is on leave, but she left me in the capable hands of another stylist at the salon who actually made the cut. And she did a great job! It's a little shorter on top than I had planned, so for now, it's pinned back until it grows a bit to where I like it down, but all in all, I'm thrilled with the cut! I've been trying out new things (headbands!), and new products (hair paste? - who knew there was such a thing), but the biggest gain for me is the amount of time it takes to fix my hair out of the shower...less than 5 minutes! I have some seriously thick and wavy hair, so that is amazing!

Anyhow, we'll see how long I keep this cut - it may be for a while! Here's an early pic - I'll post some more as it grows a bit longer.