Monday, March 12, 2012

1/2 Marathon #2

This last weekend, I ran my 2nd 1/2 marathon (actual race - I don't count my training runs). It was a small race and the proceeds all went to Rally Until a Cure, which supports research to fight childhood cancer. It was cold and rainy, but not windy, so I was pretty happy. The race began at 8 a.m., and my goal was to shave around 30 minutes off my previous race time. When I ran the Rock'n'Roll in June 2011, I finished in 2:59:55, so I was shooting to finish in 2:30:00 or less, which meant I needed to run around 11-minute miles. I typically run 12-minute miles on longer runs, and 9 to 10-minute miles on shorter runs (3-5 milers). Andy loaned me his Garmin which tracked my miles, and allowed me to stay on track.

The final result? 2:33:11 - just short of my 30 minutes, but pretty darn close! I gotta say, it was my cheering squad that did it. Andy and the boys drove around in the rain all morning and every time they could pause on the trail to see me pass, they did so and cheered like crazy! Other racers and race officials thought it was great, and encouraged my cheering squad to keep it up. It was awesome! When I was finished, I was soaked through...I must have gained 5 lbs. easily with the amount of water in my hair and clothing. I promptly ordered a lightweight, rain-resistant running jacket from REI today so I don't have to wear a sweatshirt next time. I'm hoping it's not raining during the marathon in May, but just in case, I will be prepared!

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