Saturday, November 19, 2011

Wobble to Gobble 5K #7

Today, Andy, my friend, Tori, and I ran the Wobble to Gobble 5K in Auburn. This is the same course Brita and I ran in February in 21 degree weather! Today was a bit warmer - around 35 degrees. Since I began this running journey in January, my goal for a 5K has been to get down to 30 minutes. My January time was 40 minutes. I've progressively moved that time down and down, and today, I set a new PR (personal record) of 32:48! Almost there!!

We had a great time! Now to find a 5K for December...if I can find one, I will have run a race 10 months out of this year...not quite my goal of 12 (one for each month), but pretty close! I gotta say, running with a lot less weight is substantially easier! Who would've thought? :)

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