Monday, October 17, 2011

Tacoma City Marathon - May 6, 2012

Let the training begin!! Andy and I will be running our first FULL marathon together (well, kinda) on May 6, 2012. (Andy runs the whole time - I will be following a run/walk ratio similar to what I did in the 1/2.) The Tacoma City Marathon runs a beautiful course throughout Tacoma, down into Pt. Defiance and back around. We've been wanting to find a marathon for next year since my big sis decided against Big Sur in 2013. My right foot is giving me signs that it will need surgery soon (prob 2013), so I figured the sooner I get going on this marathon, the better.

Yes, I'm terrified.

Yes, I'm thrilled.

Yes, I'm a little crazy. I personally think anyone who runs 26.2 or more is a little (or a lot) crazy. But I can't pass up the opportunity to do this. After running the 1/2 last June, I've been thinking about a full. They say that less than 1% of Americans run marathons. What a cool statistic to be a part, I get the 26.2 sticker for my car to go on top of my 13.1.

So, I'm full boar into training already. I follow Jeff Galloway and he has a beautiful 32 week training plan. The last two weeks are post-race, so I have exactly 30 weeks until the race, with last week being week 1 of my training. Galloway has his runners and run/walkers (that's me) run the full 26 before the marathon. Why? It's mental, but it's also physiologically proven to aid muscle memory (among other things) on race day. Sounds a bit crazy, since most marathon training plans stop at 20 miles in training, but that sounds crazy to me. I can't imagine having run only 20 miles during training and then running 6 more during the race. Yikes!

I'll be posting my progress on the blog as I go along, so if you're not into the marathoning, just skip those posts.

Call me crazy. Go ahead. But soon, you'll be able to call me a MARATHONER.

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