Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Micah's 13th Birthday - WE HAVE A TEENAGER IN THE HOUSE!!!

Bowling with friends

Skyler, Micah and Andy

Watching movies

Yum - cookie cake

Blowing out the candles

Yesterday, my firstborn turned 13 years old! I can hardly believe we have a teenager. He's the first one on my side of the family, and he celebrated the day by having 5 friends over, two girls and three boys. The girls stayed until 9 pm and the boys stayed the night. They played Wii (thanks to Nathan's awesome Super Smash Bros. gift for Micah that he worked his tail off for weeks to save 1/2 the money ($25) to buy for him), played basketball outside, went bowling, watched movies and talked. Boy, did they talk! I don't have girls in the house (except for me, of course), so I forget how much they talk and how loud they are. LOL! When the girls left at 9 pm, it quieted down substantially. Micah had a great day. Happy birthday to my baby who's no longer a baby.

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  1. Great pictures! The cookie cake looks yummy - did you make it?