Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bark, bark and more bark

So we've been trying to "finish" our backyard since we moved into this house like 4 years ago. But it seems we never got around to it, or we lost our jobs before we could buy the bark, or the sand or the weed blocker. Sheesh. So, we finally got around to it this summer. Hooray!

And, to top it all off, my boys LOVED helping on this project. In fact, they begged me to go do it when I got home from work today...my kids, begging me to work? Amazing.


  1. love it! Are you building a garden?

  2. I wish! But contrary to what it looks like from the pics, we just don't get enough consistent sun down there for a garden. Under all that bark and weed blocker is rock - we'd have to lay down tons of soil and then have a go at it - so we're going to leave the path and the bark and the fire pit in the middle, we'll plant a climbing vine on the little arbor and it will be a place to relax!! This weekend, we're going to pressure wash the deck and the siding of the house and then we're done on the yard for the summer! So excited for it to be done in time for the fall!

  3. Well, I love it! Very cute ;o) And I love the idea of having a quiet sitting area. I'm sure it's much needed in a house full of boys ;o)lol