Thursday, March 3, 2011


This post isn't about 34 new recipes...though that would be nice.

This post isn't about 34 days until my next's sooner than that.

This post isn't about 34's actually a bit warmer than that.

This post isn't about 34 complaints...I'm trying to avoid those.

This post is about me turning 34 tomorrow and 34 reasons I am thankful to God for giving me another year.

Counting down... (but in no particular order)

#34. I live in a free country with TONS of opportunity.

#33. I have a job with freedom to work the hours I want to and still take care of my family.

#32. Another year of exploring with cooking!!

#31. Another year to drop more weight and get healthier!

#30. My 30s are already healthier than my 20s!

#29. So many more races to be run!!

#28. So many more BOOKS to be read!!

#27. I get to see my kids turn 10 and 13.

#26. Year number 14 of marriage to my sweetheart.

#25. Hopefully the year I sign with my first agent.

#24. I have the best family ever...extended and immediate!

#23. Friends to get to know and love more.

#22. Chapter 61 and Truckers Against Trafficking continues to grow and grow, aiding in the fight against Human Trafficking.

#21. I get to spend some time with my sisters and Mom in June!

#20. Another year closer to being almost completely out of debt.

#19. I live in one of the most beautiful states in the country!

#18. I want to explore more of Washington state this year than ever before (i.e., wine country over in Walla Walla, Leavenworth, etc...)

#17. Another year to give more of myself to others and less to my selfish desires.

#16. Another year to grow closer in my relationship to the Lord and to constantly rejoice that I will spend eternity with Him.

#15. So I can appreciate those close to me even more than ever before.

#14. So I can grow through pain, worship amidst confusion, and praise my God for every part of this glorious, crazy life.

#13. So I can hang out with my boys and thoroughly enjoy them!

#12. So my family and I can be more active this year.

#11. So I can celebrate small successes.

#10. So I can be there for friends in need.

#9. So next year I can put on a bathing suit and feel GOOD!

#8. I have a thoughtful, loving, fun husband who adores me.

#7. I have a wonderful, comfortable house that keeps me warm in the winter and coolish in the summer.

#6. So I can make more memories.

#5. Because birthdays aren't only about getting older, but about growing wiser (hopefully) and more comfortable in my skin!

#4. So I can learn to give back in every area of my life.

#3. Think of all the goals I can accomplish this year!

#2. So I can do more, be more, love more, hope more, laugh more, live more!

#1. Because God gave me 34 years and I say, "WHAT A GIFT!!!"

Hooray for another year! Bring it on!!


  1. But I thought you were 32????

  2. Happy Birthday and happy 35th year from Rosanne.