Saturday, February 26, 2011

5K #2

Here I am wearing my new River Rush 5K shirt that I got for running this morning.

This morning I ran 5K #2 with my best friend, Brita. People, it was some serious cold here!! It's currently 4:00 in the afternoon and we've only gotten up to 34 degrees today. When we started the race it was 21 degrees outside. BRRRRRRR... We dodged several ice patches on the trail and one large hill, but overall, it was a fairly flat and scenic run past the rushing Green River.

So, here is a little video I made in the car this morning, questioning my sanity and then a couple pictures of me after a HOT shower and when I had sufficiently thawed. Yes, I look tired, but that's a happy tired.

This was the first picture I took - I look so tired that I reshot it and tried to put some pep in my face...not sure I succeeded! :)


  1. Good job girl! The only time I have ever been consistent in running was in 1996 when I took a jogging class with my friend in college. It was right when I found out about my mom's cancer and I remember it being so therapeutic. We trained for a 10k and I would run 3 miles a day for training. That was the last time...haven't done it since then. Wish you lived closer so I could feed off your dedicated heart! Well, nothing would have motivated me for 21 degrees! You are awesome!!!!! Oh, and your hair is adorable :-)

  2. Thanks ladies!
    B, I didn't know you ever took a jogging class - makes perfect sense! I wish we lived closer, too!! Miss you terribly.