Thursday, November 18, 2010

Snacks leaving you hungry?

I'm all about snacking. I love a good snack and they are totally necessary for me during the day. They help me stay on track with my calorie intake, provide me with the necessary energy to get through the blah afternoon, and provide me with that needed noshing urge before dinner. Did you know that eating a piece of fruit alone is good, but eating a piece of fruit along with a handful of dry-roasted nuts, like walnuts, almonds or cashews, is even better? According to nutritionists at the Biggest Loser, the good fat in those nuts helps you feel satisfied, which makes you feel fuller longer, and also slows the release of blood sugar which gives you sustained energy. Combine that with a delicious piece of fruit, which contains natural sugars and healthy nutrients, and you have yourself one winner of a snack!!

My favorites are an apple with 2 tbs of walnuts, 1 banana and 2 tbs of almonds, or a small bunch of grapes with 2 tbs of walnuts.

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