Friday, June 25, 2010

First strawberry of the season

It's a joy to walk out in the morning and be welcomed by this beautiful sight: the first strawberry of the season! I have a little hanging basket of strawberries on my front porch and while it doesn't typically bear a lot of these little jeweled darlings, the ones it does bear are so juicy and sweet! I'd take a handful of these any day over a half flat of the large, flavorless type sold in the grocery store.

Tomorrow, Micah, Nathan and I are heading over to Picha farms to pick ourselves some red, juicy goodness! The local news said that due to our overcast skies carrying into the summer months here in Washington, strawberries will be rotting in the fields because no one wants to go pick in the rain and cold. Well, rain or shine, we'll be out there tomorrow! No rotting strawberries in this house!! I'll bring along my camera to show you the well-dressed fields!!

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  1. Yummy :) We just went to Henrietta Creek Orchard with Sara and the family last weekend and picked us some delicious red peaches!!! The strawberry fields here come up in April and May, but we had blackberries and plums in mid June ;)