Saturday, May 1, 2010

Survivor anyone?

Ok, so I admit it. I'm a Survivor junkie. I've seen all 20 seasons (in the middle of the 20th one right now) and I look forward to Thursday nights with relish. This season, Heroes vs. Villains has not disappointed, even though I question some of the contestants chosen for the show. I was thrilled to see a couple of my favorites: Colby, Rupert (used to be a favorite), Coach, Tyson, Stephenie, Cirie, and Tom. I'm not a fan of Russell but the man is a serious villain, so I could get behind that and though I really don't care for Parvati, she's sneaky and deserved her spot on the villains.

This season really threw things in a loop for me. Players that I loved like Rupert and James, really turned me off this season and caused me to wonder why I liked them in the first place. And players I'd previously hated, like Boston Rob, became my most favorite and beloved player of all time! What? Boston Rob? I'm telling you since he got married to Amber and had a baby, the dude has mellowed, but retained all his physical and mental ability to play the game! He was amazing this season and I was so sorry to see him go when Tyson made the inane move of basically voting himself out, which left Rob open to Russell's attacks. The trademark hat, the silly side grin, the glint of evil mischief in his eyes, his uncanny ability to solve puzzles, his self-deprecating remarks ("cry-babyitis"), his determination to make fire from wood alone, and his chess-like mind deserved the win. Sniff, sniff.

So, where are we at now in the season? We have Russell, Jeri, Parvati, Danielle, Candace (why is she even here?), Sandra (she's annoying, but you gotta give her props for finding ways to stick around!), Colby and Rupert. This is a terrible line up because the only one I'd like to see win is Colby and he's not really played the game this time to merit the win! Frankly, I'd like to see anyone but Russell win, even Jeri, which is laughable because half the time she just looks like she's not sure what's going on. But JT's idiotic move (fully supported by the rest of the Heroes tribe) of giving the immunity idol to Russell (have they not watched Russell's season??), sealed the fate of the Heroes who had the numbers to take it to the end.

My friend Jeff and I are always taking about ways to make this game better and to throw new and exciting twists into the game (his best idea is to set Survivor somewhere cold, where they will battle a whole new set of elements). With 20 seasons in, the show won't last much longer and I, for one, will be sad about that. While there's been some real snoozy seasons, for the most part Survivor has been an entertaining program. What other show has me sitting on the couch, talking back to the TV, and making insane pronouncements into the air about what Coach is doing, or how dumb Amanda is by giving the clue back to Danielle, or why Colby looks like he's at a stuffy board meeting instead of living it up in Samoa?

Can't wait to see how this season turns out. Who is your favorite player this season (still there or voted out)? Who do you think will win it?


  1. Girl, I cant believe you have seen all 20 seasons!!! That is crazy! My all time fave is Robb and Amber...I watched them win the first one and take 2nd in Amazing Race together. I am with you, the people I loved in their season are not the same. Joey and I continuously asked each other "why is James being like that"? What in the world! I don't care who wins this long as it's not Rupert. He is getting on my nerves this season! Loved him last time though.

  2. Great review of the season....I just hope Russel doesn't win...

  3. Becca, I am ALL over's a sickness, I know. I love the Amazing Race too although I have to say I thought Rob and Amber were hideous during their season - so nasty to other people, but Rob has officially redeemed them in my mind!!