Thursday, May 6, 2010

Survived to live another day

Okay, what just happened on Survivor, other than absolute craziness? I loved the first part of the episode...ok, I loved the whole episode, but I'm so thrilled that Candace got her just desserts! And I love that the Black Widow herself was super quick to turn around and vote off Candace for being so quick to flip sides! Seeing Russell unnerved and actually admitting a mistake (voting Candace and not Colby) was AWESOME! I'd pay to see that again!

This season really cracks me up for so many reasons, the first of which is, who actually is out there to win this thing, other than Parvati and Russell (my two least favorite players)? I mean, come on! The first immunity challenge, everyone jumps ship right away, except Parvati and Rupert. Russell had nothing to worry about, so I understood him dropping his bucket for food, but COLBY???????? Come on dude! Where's your fighting spirit? That immunity necklace could have made things so much easier at tribal council, but nooooo...the alluring siren call of four donuts and an iced coffee sounds so much better than $1 MILLION!! Did someone come in and remove Colby's brain before the season started? Between last week's guffaw on telling Amanda to hand over the hidden immunity idol clue to Danielle and this lame effort (if you can call it that) on the challenge, and not even qualifying on the final immunity challenge, I've finally given up hope in one of my favorite players. He's just lost the drive, the will, the passion, or the care to win this thing. He's just too proud to quit. At any rate, the challenge only lasted over an hour with Rupert suspectly
"slipping" of his perch and giving Parvati another immunity necklace.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I don't like Russell - he's slimy, but you've got to admire his willingness to do anything crazy to advance himself in the game (admire the play, not the player!), and when he does these crazy things, he commits himself 110% to the plan. I knew telling Parvati that Danielle wanted her gone would be a bad move, because Danielle may be dumb enough to buy it, but Parvati isn't. I had a hard time watching Russell try to convince Parvati not to talk to Danielle - it was hilarious. But Russell didn't let up and by the time they got to Tribal Council, poor Danielle was hanging on by a thread! She lost it in Tribal because Russell is smooth with his lying (or should I say practiced) and even though she knew he was lying, she couldn't prove it and her frustration just took over. Tears are NOT a good thing at Tribal and I knew her fate was sealed from there. (By the way, I loved Courtney's "boo hoo" one-liner - it was apt, funny, and evil: right up Courtney's alley.) Jerri does what she's told and when she left Boston Rob (sniff, sniff - still thinking of you, Rob!) for Russell, she committed herself to him at that point, so it wasn't shocking that she was going to vote for Danielle, especially after the repeated directives from Russell during Tribal.

So Danielle goes home - Parvati is MAD and when she gets mad, she usually finds a way to get even. It should be interesting to see what happens next week! Right now, I'm voting for Jerri to get the win - that's right...Jerri. She's the only one who I can't imagine being sick about if she won. Sad criteria for the winner, but hey, you go with what you've got.

Who do you think should win and why?


  1. not Russell.

    Go Ruppert!!!

  2. I think Russell may now align himself with the two men long enough to vote off Parvati, because his ego still thinks she lied to him and betrayed him by not telling him about the hidden immunity idol. But if Parvati is as angry as I think she is, she could swing everyone to vote off Russell -- if he doesn't win immunity and doesn't still have a hidden immunity idol tucked away, and then the three women could pick off the two men. Of the three women, I'd never want Parvati to win again, because I didn't think she deserved to win the first time. I think Jerri is completely clueless, wishy-washy and without a game plan of her own. I'd vote for Sandra who is the only one this season able to read Russell, who can read people pretty well, who does have a game plan, in spite of being lousy at challenges, and who I think should have been gone long ago, but she's thrown enough curves at people to keep herself in the game.