Sunday, May 16, 2010

And the winner is...

Sandra Diaz won Survivor tonight and given the contestants she was up against (Russell and Parvati), I'm impressed she pulled it out. When Russell sent Jerri home, I knew he'd sealed his fate, but I thought the check had been written in Parvati's name. But hand's down, Sandra was the most convincing person in telling the jury why she should win. Remember that when Rupert went out of the game, he hated Sandra, but by the end of the last tribal council, he was pledging her his undying love!

I bit my nails all the way through the final immunity challenge, secretly hoping that Jerri would pull it out, but Russell beat her to the post, just barely, not that it mattered. Russell is the only one who seems to not understand that he wouldn't get any votes. I also hoped my friend Becca's prediction was correct, that perhaps Colby was throwing challenges, and he finally came to the party in his last immunity challenge but wasn't able to last past Parvati. I still love Colby, even if he wasn't able to play up to his previous, passionate dominance. He's still a gentleman, an all-around good guy, and a Texan!

So, Sandra wins again and while we have to sit through Russell arguing why he really is the best player, yet again, I just want to hear Boston Rob and he didn't disappoint, challenging Russell in a way that only he could pull off in his obnoxious, but endearing, Boston accent. And I have to say, he and Amber sure made a cute kid! They look genuinely happy. (Ok, enough of my love for Boston Rob...but why didn't Jeff ask him more questions so we could hear from him?????)

Last note...why the heck did America vote for Russell to win $100,000??? Come on, people...what's wrong with you?

Congrats Sandra - can't wait until the next season in Nicaragua!!

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  1. I know, I was pulling for Colby...oh well, I guess he was "that bad." ;-)lol. I liked his answer about why he wasn't a motivated player...he's definitely a thrill seeker.