Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Random MUSIC post

Ok, so I know this is a cooking/kitchen blog, but I just have to say, that listening to music is always a great motivator in the kitchen and helps me cook longer, better, and makes it more fun!

Today, Straight No Chaser, put out their newest album, With a Twist! If you haven't heard these guys (where have you been?), they are FABULOUS and my absolute #1 favorite group! They started as all male a cappella group at their college (Indiana University) back in the day, and many years down the road joined back up due to the fame of their huge Christmas hit, The 12 days of Christmas, playing all over YouTube (check it out), and has been cranking out fun music ever since, all a cappella, and they are SPOT on!!!

So, do yourself a favor, go to their website, or iTunes, or wherever you buy your music and buy one of their Christmas albums (which have a few non-Christmas songs on them), or their newest, With a Twist. You will NOT regret it! They are amazing!


  1. Love the Bubs, but SNC clobbers them consistently.